Medical Asset Tracking


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How Does RTLS+ Medical Asset Tracking Work?

Using RTLS+ Medical Asset Tracking, staff focus on quality care without the distraction of searching for misplaced equipment. AI and ML-enabled video analytics are the first layers of defense against equipment misplacement and theft. The BTLE Beacon then helps you locate assets with pinpoint accuracy and generate alerts when devices leave designated areas. Our RTLS+ solution allows you to monitor assets in movement using an independent network simplifying installation, maintenance, and support.

Medical Asset Tracking

Why Choose Our Solution?

Our award-winning RTLS+ solution delivers leading technology to ensure systems are designed to your unique requirements. Solutions are hosted on an independent network for increased security and redundancy. Video surveillance helps monitor assets and alerts you when devices leave their zones.

How Can RTLS+ Medical Asset Tracking Improve Your Business?

RTLS+ Medical Asset Tracking helps teams focus on more core functions, like improving patient care while decreasing misplaced equipment. If devices cross an unapproved geofenced border, an alert is issued, pinpointing the location of the breach. Your team can then quickly address the breach, take measures to return the equipment to its designated location and continue with more important duties.

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“Misplaced hospital equipment can critically impact the quality of patient care, but with our award-winning Medical Asset Tracking solution, we help minimize wasted time and resources to ensure patients have the 24/7 care they need.”

Patrick Verdugo, Director IoT Product Management


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