Your Journey in the Cloud, we meet you where you are. From Multicloud Migrations to Cloud Security Services, Claro Cloud offers customers Tools and Services that  enable them to successfully accomplish their cloud transformation wherever they are in their process.

Product and Services

Infrastructure as a Service

Enterprise Claro Cloud

Federated Cloud infrastructure to quickly and easily support business growth in the US and Latin America.

Microsoft Azure

Hybrid cloud allows customers to migrate apps, data, and infrastructure with cost-effective and flexible paths.

Software as a Service

Microsoft Office 365

Allows customers to bring enterprise-grade services to organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft Dynamic 365

Improve customer relationships, streamline operations, and reduce costs.

Professional Services

Cloud Migration Services

We offer a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to migrate business operations to the Cloud.

Multi-cloud Management and Operation Use Case

"Companies and public institutions that handle high volumes of data for multiple products or services will find Cloud Computing from Claro Cloud as an effective tool to achieve their objectives."
Adriana Estivill – Cloud Project Specialist, Claro Cloud