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Protect critical business data

As instances of cyberattacks continue to surge, accidental data deletion has emerged as a significant factor behind data breaches and losses in cloud applications. The loss of data can be permanent, whether caused unintentionally by an employee or an admin.

Therefore, protecting your data requires immediate action, making now the time to strengthen your data resilience strategies and explore effective backup solutions to help fortify your organization against potential disruption.

Cloud backup & recovery solutions

Cloud Backup powered by AvePoint is a comprehensive data protection solution designed to safeguard critical business data stored in applications (SaaS) and Cloud Infrastructure.  It is the premier option for mitigating the risk of ransomware attacks, preventing user errors or permission mishaps, and ensuring continued business operations.

Cloud Backup Features:

  • Protection at every level: Backup and restore data at any level of granularity
  • Flexible backup and restore that scales: More control and scalability over your data backup and restore, with automated backups every six hours, 4x's per day
  • Unlimited storage & retention: Content is stored in our unlimited 256-bit encrypted storage. With over 50 petabytes of data entrusted to our care, we are built to scale, with services in over a dozen global data centers
  • Ransomware detection & prevention: Recover from ransomware attacks faster and easier, available for MS365, Salesforce and Google
  • Encrypted by design and default: Your data is secure. Use our built-in storage and encryption or bring your own storage and key. We are also ISO:27001, FEDRAMP, and SOCII certified, so you can rest easy.

Cloud Backup

Why choose Cloud Backup powered by AvePoint?

We provide a comprehensive and seamless solution that is fully managed and integrated. Our services include professional start-up setup and managed services that encompass backup management, administration, and reporting.

This guarantees that your backup solution is properly configured without any disruptions to your operations. Our team of certified and skilled experts are dedicated to ensuring the smooth operation of your ongoing backup processes.

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Cloud Backup

“With our Cloud Backup, businesses benefit from a cost-effective and secure way to help reduce the risk of data loss and business disruption.”

Adriana Estivill, Cloud Project Specialist

Managed Cloud Services

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