Vulnerability Management


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Mitigate network security threats and vulnerabilities

Unmanaged security vulnerabilities allow hackers easy access to attack IT systems and applications, making it crucial for organizations to recognize and remediate weaknesses before they can be exploited.

With security vulnerabilities up nearly 600% in 2023 alone, systems that need patching or updating leave their networks exposed to external infiltration, allowing bad actors to establish footholds for indeterminable amounts of time and the ability to deploy malicious attacks at their discretion.

Weaknesses in a company's system due to software vulnerabilities can make system infrastructure vulnerable to data breaches, network damage, and authorized user revocation.

What is Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management allows organizations to effectively prioritize and pinpoint vulnerabilities across IT, OT, and IoT assets, cloud resources, containers, web applications, and identity platforms by leveraging the power of threat intelligence and data science.  

Get a single, unified view of your modern attack surface

Claro Enterprise Solutions' Vulnerability Management service integrates risk-based vulnerability management, web application security, cloud security, and identity security, offering a comprehensive view of all potential exposures.

Vulnerability Management

Identify. Investigate. Remediate.

Prioritize risks and vulnerabilities to address the most critical ones first based on asset, exposure, severity, and threat context through Claro Enterprise Solutions' Vulnerability Management tool. With access to insights into your cyber infrastructure, you can establish proactive threat mitigation to effectively protect your critical assets and business operations.

Our services include:

  • Remediation recommendations: Drive risk reduction with recommendations for corrective measures and use benchmarking against external peers and internal business units.
  • Predictive prioritization: Vulnerability Priority Rating (VPR) combines data and machine learning to help customers focus on what matters most.  
  • A technology ecosystem: With more than 200+ pre-built integrations, customers get the most out of existing tools.  

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Vulnerability Management

“Our cybersecurity offerings, including Vulnerability Management, can help identify existing security risks and provide actionable intelligence to help prevent unauthorized access to networks and data.”

Kelly Rein, Sr. Director, Product Management

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