AI Video Analytics


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Businesses are increasingly confronted with security threats that can often seem difficult to control. From unauthorized access and drone infiltration to weapon-related threats and the neglect of safety protocols, the number of risks just continue to grow, leaving businesses exposed and vulnerable.

To address these risks, organizations are now adopting a technical approach to threat detection and physical security, implementing advanced technologies that harness the power of AI, video analytics, and machine learning.

With AI Video Analytics powered by Iveda, you can now monitor and receive alerts for suspicious activities, unauthorized personnel, vehicles, and even weapons entering your perimeter.

Effortlessly scan through days of recorded footage to locate people, objects, or even vehicles with over 95% accuracy in just seconds.

AI Video Analytics

How can AI Video Analytics Help?

By reconfiguring surveillance systems to achieve compatibility with existing cameras using proprietary protocols, AI Video Analytics helps organizations access intelligent detection capabilities, elevate situational awareness, and provide critical alerts within seconds.

With weapons detection, intrusion alerts, fire and smoke detection, facial and vehicle recognition, and extensive search capabilities, AI Video Analytics helps mitigate risk to ensure people and working conditions are safe 24/7.

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AI Video Analytics

"Revolutionize your video surveillance game with AI powered Video Analytics - unlock unprecedented insights, optimize operations, enhance security, and keep your business ahead of the curve with the power of cutting-edge technology.”.

Patrick Verdugo, Director IoT Product Management

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