AI Video Analytics


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How it Works

Receive alerts when unauthorized personnel, vehicles, or even weapons enter your perimeter, access recorded video several days long, perform a search for an object, person or vehicle and get results in 2 seconds or less with > 95% accuracy.

AI Video Analytics

Why Choose Us?

Organizations can use AI Video Analytics to enhance existing video surveillance systems with intelligent detection capabilities to elevate situational awareness and provide critical alerts within seconds.

How can Claro AI Video Analytics Improve My Business?

With weapons detection, intrusion alerts, fire and smoke detection, facial and vehicle recognition, and extensive search capabilities, AI Video Analytics helps mitigate risk to ensure people and working conditions are safe 24/7.

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“Revolutionize your video surveillance game with AI powered Video Analytics - unlock unprecedented insights, optimize operations, enhance security, and keep your business ahead of the curve with the power of cutting-edge technology.”

Patrick Verdugo, Director IoT Product Management


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