Managed Perimeter Security


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How Does Managed Perimeter Security Work?

Managed Perimeter Security utilizes customizable layers of managed security that integrate 24/7 monitoring, next-generation firewall (NGFW), scalable UTM capabilities, wireless failover, and more.

Managed Perimeter Security

Why Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Our teams work to identify thousands of applications for deep inspection and granular policy enforcement; and with around the clock network traffic monitoring, we ensure you are alerted about any possible security incidents before they occur.

How Does Managed Perimeter Security Improve My Business?

Reduce exposure to unexpected expenses related to security incidents with Managed Perimeter Security. ​Monitor and prevent cyber threats to your business with our managed service as we help implement enhanced security controls, NGFW, and intrusion prevention with 24/7 SOC Monitoring and Platform Management.

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“New market trends and rising cyber threats have transformed business network security needs. With our Managed Perimeter Security solution, we help businesses monitor cyber threats 24/7 and defend sensitive data with cost-effective network security.”

Kelly Rein, Cybersecurity Product Director


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