Security Awareness Training


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How Security Awareness Training Works

KnowBe4 helps provide the training to build a proper human firewall. Our scalable platform offers:

  • Baseline testing to assess the phish-prone percentage of the customer's users through a free simulated phishing attack
  • Regular Phishing Security Tests (PST) 
  • One of the world's largest libraries of security awareness training content
  • Advanced Phishing Features (PhishER™, Social Engineering Indicators™, USB Drive Test™, Phish Alert Button, and others) 
  • Thousands of templates with unlimited usage and community phishing templates
  • Enterprise-strength Reporting

Security Awareness Training

Why Choose Us?

Our platforms are built specifically for you. Designed “by admins for admins”, we’ve created a way to manage the social engineering problem with an easy-to-use console and a very short ramp. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) combines a highly specialized cyber-security team with our connectivity offerings to provide a proactive, 24x7 managed service that will improve the security posture of the organization.

How Can Security Awareness Training Improve Your Business?

91% of successful breaches start with a single phishing attack, making educated, trained employees a core component of any enterprise security strategy. Security Awareness Training helps protect your business by creating a staff of security professionals who can easily spot targeted cyber threats.

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“We help build human firewalls in businesses through our Security Awareness Training offering by helping employees understand how to identify potential scams and know what steps should be taken in these situations.”

Kelly Rein, Cybersecurity Product Director


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