Does Your Business Still Share Internet?

Shared internet impacts bandwidth and increase jitter and latency—issues impacting customer ability to protect confidential data, maintain productivity, and deliver superior customer service. End poor internet connection and drive digital transformation with high-speed business internet.

A single, dedicated source for internet connectivity, Dedicated Business Internet enables a high-performance, stable connection. With Dedicated Business Internet, you never share bandwidth and ensure symmetrical upload and download speeds to accelerate operations. Convenient bandwidth options allow easy local or global scaling as your organization evolves. 

Scalable Business Internet Solutions to Help Your Business Evolve

Accelerate productivity and operations. Optimize existing IT investments. Drive game-changing digital innovation. Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it with our best-in-class technology solutions and white glove service. Working together, we get you in the game – and keep you a step ahead of the competition.

Enable nationwide high-speed business internet service through a state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Services are backed by local network presence in major markets across the Americas and Europe over a robust and fully redundant network.

Dedicated Business Internet

Why Choose Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Our tailored Dedicated Business Internet solutions ensure high-quality connectivity through a dedicated and nonshared connection. Experience dependable service and easy implementation with rapid deployment and upgrades that respond to evolving business needs.

The Best Business Internet for Your Team

Stop sharing a connection with other businesses. Using Dedicated Business Internet, you streamline operations and receive 100% of the bandwidth you buy.

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Dedicated Business Internet

“Our Monitored Business Internet is perfect for organizations that want a managed internet router along with monitoring of their dedicated business internet. We additionally include remote troubleshooting to best support network services for midsize and large corporations.”

Lucian Calugaru, Business Innovation Manager

Managed Network & Comm Services

Other Solutions

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