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How Does SD-WAN SASE Work?

VMware SD-WAN SASE is a cloud-native secure access service edge platform that converges industry-leading cloud networking/security to deliver flexibility and protection to your local and international locations while enabling WAN and edge transformation and improving network security.


Why Connect with Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Claro Enterprise Solutions’ SASE architecture combines VMware SD-WAN™ cloud gateway and VMware Cloud Web Security™ to provide enterprises with fast, safe connections.

How Does SD-WAN SASE Help Your Business?

SD-WAN SASE helps protect enterprises from advanced security threats and data theft while reducing costs by deploying security on a scale. Gain streamlined network management with complete visibility and precise control over local and international infrastructures.

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“What sets our Managed Network and Communication Services apart from competitors is our secure-by-design business model. We integrate layers of security to our solutions and provide businesses with the right design to streamline critical functions.”

Cesar Salazar, Chief Operating Officer

Claro Enterprise Solutions

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