Agile Development


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How Does Agile Development Factory Work?

ADF helps break down projects into short iterations by employing an agile methodology with defined roles, responsibilities, and meetings — the emphasis is on decision-making from real-world results (working software) rather than speculation.

Agile Development

Why Agile Development Factory from Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Using ADF, teams perfectly balance flexibility and responsibility for short- or long-term outsourced deliverables. We manage teams’ day-to-day processes and workflows and report to an in-house product owner as often as needed to ensure a project meets every requirement.

How Does Agile Development Factory Help Your Business?

WiWith ADF, organizations gain a high-performance, agile-driven group of experts focusing on developing secure and quality deliverables sprint by sprint until final delivery. Save time and cut costs by utilizing teams trained to eliminate redundant and unnecessary design/redesign work to streamline processes.

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“By tailoring our support to fit personalized business needs, we proactively address all IT issues with the objective to reduce the number of IT-related incidents.”

Luis Sierra, Director of Managed Services

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