Challenges facing the commercial construction industry

Construction leaders encounter a variety of hurdles in their pursuit of delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the quality of their customer's demand.
From cost overruns and project delays to safety hazards and high staff turnover, today’s challenges pose serious threats to the viability of any construction project.  

To overcome these obstacles, takes a smarter approach that empowers business owners with state-of-the-art video monitoring and integrated cyber security that easily scales to address dynamic threats.

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Why Claro Enterprise Solutions for commercial construction?

High-risk area monitoring:

  • Identify unauthorized entries, abnormal activities, and improper vehicle parking in restricted zones to keep the site safe.

Intrusion detection:

  • Instantly detect intruders crossing virtual perimeters, such as supply shed entrances.
  • Get alerts for after-hours site access or visible weapons.

Safety and compliance:

  • Ensure workers are wearing required Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like helmets and vests, enhancing safety and regulatory compliance.

Fire and smoke detection:

  • Early fire hazard alerts protect workers and assets, helping to maintain project timelines and budgets.

Operational efficiency:

  • Visualize busy areas with heat-maps to optimize site dynamics and reduce congestion.

To learn more about the convergence of cyber and physical security, and how Claro Enterprise Solutions can help to protect your business assets, watch the on-demand webinar Protecting critical assets: Integrating physical & information security.

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Cyber and physical security solutions for the commercial construction industry

Converging how you manage both cyber and physical threats to your construction business can deliver faster detection and resolution of many common, yet critical issues. Advancements in AI and real-time communications are changing how cyber and physical security threats are monitored and communicated on construction sites.

AI-powered cyber and physical security solutions from Claro Enterprise Solutions such as, AI Video Analytics, Zero Trust Endpoint Security, Penetration Testing, CyberSOC, and Vulnerability Management are delivering facial recognition, people counting, and video search capabilities, as well as network and user anomaly detection needed by construction firms to stay one step ahead of rapidly changing situations.

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Roadmap to Assess & Advance IT Maturity in Manufacturing

The growing problem of construction site theft...

According to data from the National Equipment Register, job site theft costs the construction industry as much as $1 billion per year, with only a 21% recovery rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do criminals target commercial construction sites?

Most worksites lack adequate security, oftentimes relying on just one or two security guards per access point, as well as outdated manual video screen monitoring. And unlike other establishments, construction sites are conspicuous in their activities, expensive equipment use and materials. This visibility adds to their susceptibility to criminal threats. It is important for construction sites to reassess their current security measures, considering both conventional risks and circumstances.

Why is cyber and physical security important for commercial construction sites?

Insufficient security measures can cause construction companies major financial losses, project delays, and unsafe work conditions. By establishing sound security protocols that include cyber security measures and reconfiguring existing surveillance systems to achieve compatibility with solutions like AI Video Analytics, construction firms can protect their investments, safeguard employees, and prevent theft, unauthorized access, and other unlawful activities.

How can Claro Enterprise Solutions help to improve construction site safety and security?

Claro Enterprise Solutions offers the innovative security, IoT, and cloud solutions you need to meet today's most pressing challenges. Our cyber and physical security solutions include: AI Video Analytics, CyberSOC, Zero Trust Network and Zero Trust Endpoint Security.

TechValidate’s 2020 study underscores the positive impact of AI Video Analytics, revealing a 67% decrease in security incidents for organizations embracing this technology.