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The Need for Secure, Reliable Business Connectivity in 2023

With constant new business solutions to implement and manage, e-commerce expected to reach $6 trillion worldwide by 2024, cybercrime up 300%, and 52% of employees experiencing workplace burnout, businesses, no matter the size, need a reliable, single service provider to oversee and protect network and connectivity 24/7.

Secure and streamline business connectivity with  All-in-One Connect, a reliable, tiered, cost-effective connectivity solution combining Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Managed Secure Business Internet (MSBI), Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and Network Management.

By categorizing sites into either Tier 1 sites that require MPLS transport: critical data advanced collaboration, VoIP and video that need QoS or Tier 2 sites that can use the Public Internet for transport for non-critical data, standard VoIP, businesses gain dual connectivity to both MPLS and internet, along with redundant access and CPE and LTE access failover available for speeds up to 100M.

All-in-One Connect

Why Connect with Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Claro All-in-One Connect utilizes UCaaS that supports on-net voice, VoIP, and off-net voice, centralized SIP trunking. Our MPLS solution hosts six classes of service, and we manage 100% of transport and voice services. Add additional security layers to help ensure data is protected 24/7 with MSBI’s scalable Unified Threat Management and Global NOC.

How Does All-in-One Connect Help Your Business?

Claro All-in-One Connect safeguards sensitive data and maximizes business ROI by migrating to a network that supports reliable network connectivity, advanced communication services, and network management from a single service provider.

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All-in-One Connect

“What sets our Managed Network and Communication Services apart from competitors is our secure-by-design business model. We integrate layers of security to our solutions and provide businesses with the right design to streamline critical functions.”

Cesar Salazar, Chief Operating Officer

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