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How International Toll-Free Services Work

International calling can be costly, which is a big part of why businesses stick to local markets. With ITFS, your business can go global without enormous increases in your expenses. ITFS provides easy expansion of overseas coverage, allowing your business to receive international calls from multiple countries at no cost to the customer, no matter how many times they call.


Toll-Free Services in Over 30 Countries

Did you know we offer world-class international toll-free services in over 30 countries? Increase your customer coverage overseas while concentrating your operation in a single location using our service. Our scalable model allows easy activation across multiple geographies and International toll-free numbers. Global calls originate from various countries and terminate at your U.S. location.

How Can International Toll-Free Services Grow Your Business?

By advertising a single telephone number in international locations, you’ll make it easy for global customers to contact you while simplifying operations and reducing costs. Focus on your business while maintaining a local presence globally and get one simple invoice with detailed call records.

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“By connecting global partnerships directly to the client offices, our International Toll-Free Services help businesses garner new customers from all around the world and improve their experience.”

Lucian Calugaru, Product Manager, Connectivity, US


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