Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution


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How Does the Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution Work?

View company endpoint security intel on an easy-to-use customer portal where administrators can set data/app permissions, provide insights on protected endpoints, detect threats, and approve employee requests.

Service Offers:

  • Managed Services: Partner with our best-in-class security experts to control endpoint monitoring and management. Claro Enterprise Solutions' deployment team will install and configure your Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution, while our team of security experts will operate as an extension of your internal security team, administering and monitoring the Zero Trust enabled platform.
  • Self-Managed Services: Take control with our Self-Managed Services. Empower your in-house IT department with full access to the Zero Trust platform features and services to be able to fully manage according to your operational policies. If you need technical support, you can rely on our CES Customer Care team for any installation, training, or technical needs.

Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution

Why Choose Claro Enterprise Solutions & ThreatLocker?

Help mitigate cyberattacks and fileless malware by providing a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) and Ringfencing™ controls. Quickly request service assistance and assess whether applications are threats through a convenient, user-friendly portal with reputation intelligence.

How Does Our Solution Help Your Business?

With hundreds of apps used and downloaded across businesses daily, our Zero Trust solution allows administrators to simplify and automate approvals while addressing potential threats to enterprise endpoint security.

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“Client needs for managed security have evolved. Claro Enterprise Solutions is working to continuously respond to them with scalable best-in-class security products and 24/7 customer support.”

Kelly Rein, Cybersecurity Product Director


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