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Secure, Agile Project Management

Develop faster, flexible, customizable, secure-by-design software solutions aligned to business needs.

The Project Management Dilemma

Our fast-changing business environment gives teams little time to develop, implement, and optimize solutions properly. And while the priority should be to build solutions with real value to customers, most teams launch, then neglect to understand and nurture feedback and continuous architectural and security development.

How Can Agile Development Factory Help?

Establish faster, customizable, secure-by-design project management solutions aligned to enterprise needs with Agile Development Factory (ADF). Prevent security gaps and achieve better control, transparency, feedback integration, and quality control over projects with experts ready to nurture every step of solution implementation.

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How Does Agile Development Factory Work?

ADF helps break down projects into short iterations by employing an agile methodology with defined roles, responsibilities, and meetings — emphasis is on decision-making from real-world results (working software) rather than speculation.

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Why Agile Development Factory from Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Using ADF, teams deliver the perfect balance between flexibility and responsibility for short or long-term outsourced deliverables. CES’ manages teams’ day-to-day processes and workflows and reports to an in-house product owner as often as needed to ensure a project meets every requirement.

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How Does Agile Development Factory Help Your Business?

With ADF, organizations gain a high-performance, agile-driven group of experts focusing on developing secure and quality deliverables sprint by sprint until final delivery. Save time and cut costs utilizing teams trained to eliminate redundant and unnecessary design/redesign work to streamline processes.

Use Cases and Insights

Agile Development Factory Use Case

Agile Development Factory Use Case

By utilizing CES Agile Development Factory, teams gain a software development service based on an agile, iterative approach to project management.

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7 Reasons Businesses Should Focus on Agile Development Factory in 2023 with CES

7 Reasons Businesses Should Focus on Agile Development Factory in 2023 with CES

Agile teams are over 25% more productive than other project management methods.

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