Learn how to keep a safe, competitive edge

Claro Enterprise Solutions & VMware’s SD-WAN SASE combines VMware SD-WAN cloud gateway, VMware Cloud Web Security, and Firewall as-a-Service (FWaaS) to deliver enterprises with fast, safe connections.


Today’s enterprise IT infrastructures are fragmented with multiple-point technologies that, in turn, have created complex, rigid, high-cost networks. With increasing security threats, complex and slow networks, expensive-to-scale bandwidth, poor app experiences, and a backhaul of cloud services, business WAN systems are quickly becoming outdated, making it challenging to meet IT's evolving needs.

3 Questions Every Business Should Ask

  1. “Is my current security infrastructure managing cloud migration and SaaS adoption?”
  2. “Does my current have any security holes or impacting employee productivity?”
  3. “Do I have visibility into user activity and staff visiting malicious sites?”

The Solution

Drive WAN and edge transformation with SD-WAN SASE from Claro Enterprise Solutions and VMware. Utilize a cloud-native platform that converges industry-leading cloud networking and cybersecurity that supplies enterprises with scaled flexibility, agility, and protection.

Claro Enterprise Solutions & VMware’s cloud-native SASE architecture combines VMware SD-WAN™ cloud gateway, VMware Cloud Web Security™, and VMware NSX Cloud Firewall™, to deliver edge network intelligence for deep visibility for an inside distributed enterprise edge. Access competitive, comprehensive solutions with easy-to-deploy, enterprise-grade zero-touch provisioning, business, and security alignment.

VMware SD-WAN Gateway – Provides multi-tenant gateway service and policy control point with a global footprint of more than 2,000 gateways supported by VMware and its partners to deliver superior application access performance and scale.

VMware Cloud Web Security – Leverages and integrates best-of-breed secure web gateway (SWG), cloud access security broker (CASB), URL Filtering, Sandbox, SSl inspection, and Anti-malrware into the VMware SASE PoP to provide secure, direct, and optimal access to SaaS and internet web access.

“By 2024, 30% of enterprises will adopt cloud-delivered SWG, CASB, ZTNA, and branch office firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS) capabilities from the same vendor.”

- Gartner 2021 Strategic Roadmap for SASE Convergence


  • Unified Management Platform: Simplifies operations and reducing support complexities by unifying networking, security, and edge services.
  • Proven Global Cloud Platform: VMware SASE is a field-proven, multi-tenant platform with global points of presence and self-healing to ensure application performance.
  • Advanced Analytics: Access edge network intelligence for detailed network insights.
  • Cost-Effective Models: Experience reduced network costs while deploying scaled security.
  • Smart Defaults: Deploy 3,000+ applications and 80+ URL categories to reduce the attack surface of web apps.
  • SASE PoP: Employ Worldwide SASE PoP to deliver network and security services on an optimal path between users andapps.


Rapid and continuous advancements in business networks have fractured infrastructures, forcing security and connection gaps that make establishing remote and flexible work models difficult and unsafe. SD-WAN SASE helps teams keep a safe, competitive edge by delivering SD-WAN and edge transformation by utilizing a cloud-native platform that converges industry-leading cloud networking and cybersecurity.