Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution Use Case

Protect data and monitor app usage 24/7 by deploying Allowlisting, Ringfencing, storage control, elevation control, and a reputation intelligence engine using the Zero Trust Endpoint Security solution.


In today's workplace, employees use multiple devices and applications, which can be exploited by threat actors to breach a business's defenses. Despite teams' vigilance, a single employee's mistake can lead to falling victim to various types of attacks.

1-4 employees admit to getting distracted and clicking a suspicious link...

46% of organizations had at least 1 employee download a malicious application...

91% of cyberattacks begin with a single "spear phishing" attempt...

As technology evolves and integrates further into business operations, cyberattacks become more sophisticated. Organizations must ensure the safety of every device and application against intruders at all times. How can businesses effectively protect their systems and maintain constant security in the face of evolving threats?

The Solution

Secure your business data and gain control over application interactions with Claro Enterprise Solutions' Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution. By enabling application Allowlisting and Ringfencing, our integrated platform, powered by leading security expert ThreatLocker, empowers organizations to define which devices can access data and regulate information sharing. Additionally, it offers elevation control to prevent unauthorized escalation of privileges by executives. Additionally, Elevation Control provides an extra layer of security by allowing IT administrators to remove local admin privileges from their users while allowing them to run individual applications as an administrator.


  • Easy to Deploy: Rather than requiring significant time and resources to implement, the platform can be quickly set up and configured with implementation assistance by Claro Enterprise Solutions' security experts.
  • Reputation Intelligence: Deploy a reputation intelligence engine that shows the threat potential of an application or service and serves as an administrative guide.
  • Reinforced Cybersecurity: Predict, prevent, and mitigate cyberattacks by allowing only trusted applications and services to run and shut down the possibility of fileless malware with ringfencing.
  • Automated Processes: Automate the process of permitting company-approved applications and services to run on business devices.
  • Customer Command Portal: Gain convenient access to a user-friendly customer portal that offers valuable security insights regarding safeguarded endpoints, employee requests, and application downloads. With this portal, users can effortlessly retrieve detailed reports on blocked files, view the history of approval requests, and explore a wide range of other customizable options..
  • Managed Service: Partner with our best-in-class security experts to control endpoint monitoring and management. Claro Enterprise Solutions' deployment team will install and configure your Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution, while our team of security experts will operate as an extension of your internal security team, administering and monitoring the Zero Trust enabled platform.
  • Self-Managed Service: Take control with our Self-Managed Services. Empower your in-house IT department with full access to the Zero Trust platform features and services to be able to fully manage according to your operational policies. If you need technical support, you can rely on our Customer Care team for any installation, training, or technical needs.

In Conclusion

In today's digital landscape, employees unknowingly expose devices to potential attackers through various entry points. To prioritize data security, businesses should implement a tailored zero trust endpoint security solution. The Zero Trust Endpoint Security Solution from Claro Enterprise Solutions, powered by Threatlocker, utilizes ringfencing, allowlisting, and a 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to deter threats and protect data from unauthorized individuals. This comprehensive solution ensures application and data security, providing peace of mind in the face of evolving cyber threats.