Collaboration for the New Healthcare

Tailored UCaaS solutions, bundled with flexible network connectivity, can help healthcare providers address critical challenges around care delivery and operations.


Hospitals and healthcare providers confront an array of financial and operational challenges. Mid-sized and regional providers in particular face increasing competitive pressure and the prospect of consolidation. This makes cost reduction and enhanced productivity top priorities. Improving the patient experience – from both a care delivery and administrative standpoint – is similarly essential. Add the COVID-19 pandemic to the mix and you have a perfect storm of disruption.

In this environment, the ability to communicate and collaborate across different locations, functions and channels is imperative. Doctors and nurses – many of whom work in multiple facilities – must communicate across different locations, using different devices.

Caregivers must collaborate with administrative staff, and information on treatments and diagnoses must be accessible to specialists as well as insurance carriers. That said, open communication and data sharing can’t be achieved at the expense of secure protection of sensitive patient information. The rapid growth of telehealth requires call center capabilities and infrastructure and applications to support hotlines, remote monitoring and a wide range of related functions.

"Our UCaaS capabilities connect the dots within the healthcare delivery ecosystem."

The Solution

Our collaboration solutions leverage the capabilities of Cisco’s UCaaS capabilities to streamline communications and reduce complexity to optimize operations and support new ways of managing healthcare.

We support teamwork amongst all stakeholders and layers of healthcare delivery, ensuring consistent user experiences across different geographies, devices and applications. From mobile applications for physicians and nurses, to video conferencing to enhance specialist consults, to Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) for in-office mobility, our UCaaS capabilities connect the dots within the healthcare delivery ecosystem.

As an integrator, we provide industry expertise to ensure ease of implementation and optimal utilization of platforms and tools specifically designed for the day-to-day needs of healthcare professionals, including nurse call systems, emergency paging and patient-record software. We also provide single point of contact, multi-lingual support, as well as extensive pre-sales engineering and project management and implementation.

By bundling collaboration tools with connectivity, security and contact center capabilities (including a solution specifically designed to streamline COVID-19 vaccine administration), we offer a comprehensive operational strategy for today’s healthcare enterprises. The UCaaS user portal provides the ability to utilize dashboards and reports while giving visibility to monthly call detail records, call activity, sites, configurations and more.

"Easy and secure access to electronic patient records and other critical data, even across different providers and facilities."


  • Secure communication,mobility and collaboration tools in a single platform.
  • Increase productivity by facilitating work in remote locations withthe use of mobile devices.
  • Functionality based on Cisco’s state-of-the-art UCaaS technology.
  • Bundling options to address comprehensive operational requirements.
  • Consultative approach that focuses on pain points and defines solutionthat optimizes results.
  • Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and transition from Capex to Opexmodel.
  • Consistent user experience across geographies, devices and platforms.
  • Easy and secure access to electronic patient records and othercritical data, evena cross different providers and facilities.
  • Integration with existing PBX and connectivity to the PSTN of athird-party provider’s PSTN.
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) support model from an internationalCNOC.
  • Mobility integration for providing advanced services to doctors, consultantsand specialists.
  • Support of Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) forin-office mobility.
  • Pay as you grow model to allow expansion in numbers of users and functionalities.
  • Reliable Cloudbackbone ensure business continuity and provides high availability.
”Telehealth requires call center capabilitiesand infrastructure and applications to support hotlines, remote monitoring and a wide range of related functions.“