Penetration Testing


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Comprehensive testing from cyber security experts

At Claro Enterprise Solutions, we provide comprehensive penetration testing services to proactively identify and remediate vulnerabilities in your organization's digital infrastructure. By conducting thorough assessments to reveal potential weaknesses within your infrastructure, we can mitigate security risks and fortify your systems before malicious attackers have a chance to exploit these vulnerabilties.

Our team of ethical hackers deploy tools and techniques that mirror those used by real-world cyber criminals to conduct simulated attacks on your networks, applications, systems, and other IT assets. By adopting the mindset of the adversary, we expose hidden security vulnerabilities that may escape traditional defensive measures and implement target-specific security enhancements to increase resilience.

Expose security gaps and weaknesses before attackers do

We provide a range of service options for comprehensive penetration testing, equipped to meet the specific needs of your organization.

  • Core: Ideal for teams needing a network penetration test service to detect and fix vulnerabilities in their external and internal network infrastructure.  
  • Intermediate: Tailored for teams aiming to establish a structured penetration testing program to enhance overall security.  
  • Custom: Designed for teams aiming to meet specific compliance requirements and increase testing frequency.  

Penetration Testing

Why Penetration Testing from Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Reactive measures are not enough to combat the evolving threats in the cyber landscape. Proactive strategies are the key to enforcing long-term fortification and cyber resilience. Our penetration testing services go beyond merely checking boxes. Our team of seasoned ethical hackers brings decades of real-world offensive security experience to every engagement. We work in collaboration with you as a strategic partner to understand the unique challenges and objectives of your business, developing tailored solutions that anticipate and mitigate risks.

We work continuously to refine our methodologies and stay ahead of the latest tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) used by malicious hackers. By using cutting-edge tools and frameworks, we maintain adherence to industry standards such as the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) and the battle-tested MITRE ATT&CK matrix. This multi-vector approach ensures comprehensive coverage to protect against even the most sophisticated cyber threats, leaving no vulnerability unexposed, and no attack path unexplored.

Optimize the security posture of your information system by leveraging our highly skilled team that consists of penetration testing specialists and project managers to identify security gaps and provide recommendations for remediation.

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Penetration Testing

“Securing business networks can feel difficult, especially for IT departments, but we can help. With our highly trained cybersecurity analysts, you’ll receive personalized, in-depth analyses of networks and detailed suggestions with actionable intelligence.”

Kelly Rein, Sr. Director, Product Management

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