Keeping Schools Secure

Shootings, bomb threats, kidnappings... How can educators today help ensure students (and each other) stay safe while providing the highest education possible? Join Artificial Intelligence (AI) video analytics expert Patrick Verdugo as he explores how schools can use AI in 2023 to enhance situational awareness and provide critical alerts within seconds when unauthorized personnel, vehicles, or weapons enter your perimeter.

Invest Wisely, Defend Smartly

As the frequency and severity of cyber threats continue to rise, companies of all sizes face the daunting challenge of safeguarding their valuable data while operating within tight budgets. Historically, implementing a Security Operations Center (SOC) has been a costly initiative, with some estimates citing startup costs of at least US$2 million. However, there is hope for businesses seeking affordable solutions: the emergence of SOC-as-a-Service models. These innovative options offer comprehensive SOC capabilities within reach of small to medium-sized businesses. By exploring these alternative solutions, companies can effectively protect their data without breaking the bank.

Protecting Critical Assets

In today’s complex business environment, you need to have integrated security strategies that cover everything from physical assets, shipments, facilities, and personnel, to information assets, cloud productivity, commercial systems, etc. Sr. Director of Product, Kelly Rein and IoT Product Director, Patrick Verdugo will discuss a hybrid approach that covers these topics and present some tactical solutions that will strengthen your business’s critical assets.