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What is CCaaS?

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) is a secure and reliable, cloud-based solution that integrates advanced Contact Center and Communication functionalities to handle all client interactions with quality attention, streamlining communications, building loyalty, and protecting business reputation.


Why Choose Claro Enterprise Solutions for Contact Center Outsourcing Services?

With extensive B2B, consumer, and high-end inbound and outbound contact center services, you will experience a consistent experience across your contact center. Additionally, our multi-channel support provides immediate attention, documentation, and resolution.

How Can Contact Center Services Grow Your Business?

Our scalable Contact Center as a Service solutions help increase brand loyalty by delivering more efficient customer care. Between optimal timing for outbound campaigns, cross-selling and upselling initiatives on every contact, and customer retention win-back campaigns. Training sessions focused on overcoming objections and creating empathy with customers help your team go the extra mile.

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“For businesses looking to establish brand loyalty, positive customer interactions elevate that reputation which makes Contact Center solutions vital to business strategies. Every single customer interaction represents your brand; our CCaaS solution ensures seamless, quality customer experiences”

Lucian Calugaru, Product Manager, Connectivity, US


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