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How Does Managed SD-WAN Work?

By combining bandwidth from multiple connectivity technologies to transfer information securely and intelligently from one network location to another, Managed SD-WAN simplifies operations between locations while enhancing oversight and security. Through agile and cost-effective technology deployments, we evolve traditional WANs by streamlining branch office networks and ensuring applications perform optimally. Managed SD-WAN means you can leave the design, configuration, and maintenance to us.


Why Choose Managed SD-WAN?

Managed SD-WAN includes Centralized Network Management with automated end-to-end visibility, troubleshooting, and reporting across multiple WAN links and service providers. In the event of an issue, receive 24/7, multilingual customer service in Spanish, English, and Portuguese, including a single point of contact.

How Will Managed SD-WAN Support Your Business?

With a Managed SD-WAN solution, you benefit from easy network scalability. Automated remote provisioning provides the foundation for simple network scaling to support your business as it grows and evolves.

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“When clients look to simplify operations between locations, our Managed SD-WAN service is the preferred solution. We combine bandwidth from multiple connectivity technologies to transfer information safely from one network location to another – optimizing operations while enhancing security and oversight for businesses.”

Lucian Calugaru, Product Manager

Claro Enterprise Solutions

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