The Time for Cyber and Physical Threat Detection is Now

Whether you’re a business, community services provider, or educational institution, you can act now to limit the impact of today’s modern threats.

Major advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) and real-time communications have changed how effectively both cyber and physical security threat vectors can be monitored.

Security teams can leverage precision-controlled AI to more quickly and accurately pinpoint physical threats from security camera footage.

Alerts can be seamlessly directed to outsourced Security Operation Centers (SOCs) for proactive handling, offering vital support for mid-sized organizations lacking in-house cybersecurity proficiency.

These new possibilities deliver the necessary security advantages to keep organizations one step ahead of rapidly-changing situations.

These same security solutions can help communities:

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Find lost children

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Locate missing vehicles 

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Detect an injured person

The Power of Cyber and Physical Security Covergence

Technical Brief

Secure. Compliant. Connected.

It’s more important than ever to have the right safeguards in place for physical and cyber security. Governments and businesses with high-traffic areas make it difficult for human surveillance to catch threats, both physical and virtual. Claro Enterprise Solutions offer world-class security to build a safer community from the physical perimeter of your property to the internal cyber environment. Our solutions protect your employees, customers, visitors, and your communications.