Vulnerability Assessment: 6 Key Components Most Businesses Lack

Vulnerability Assessments provide businesses with the necessary insights to identify and prioritize vulnerabilities on the infrastructure level and facilitate remediation actions to fortify an organization’s network based on provided recommendations.


With 59% of the organizations lacking an established vulnerability assessment process and attackers having an average of 7 days to utilize known vulnerabilities before teams even know they exist, it’s no secret why cybercrime is on the rise. Security vulnerabilities allow hackers to attack IT systems and applications, making it crucial for enterprises to recognize and remediate weaknesses before they are exploited.

Organizations encounter significant challenges when striving to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness, such as:

  1. Limited Awareness: Lack of knowledge about cyber exposure and attack surface.
  2. Absence of Processes: Missing vulnerability management protocols.
  3. Insufficient Remediation: Inadequate investment in vulnerability fixes.
  4. Incomplete Visibility: Limited awareness of system vulnerabilities.
  5. Non-Compliance: Failure to meet information security regulations.
  6. Reactive Approach: Lack of proactive risk identification.

The Solution

Our Vulnerability Assessment services provide organizations with insights into potential gaps and misconfigurations within their systems, networks, and applications. Once vulnerabilities are detected, teams will gain access to comprehensive reports via a customer portal. These reports provide detailed summaries of the identified vulnerabilities, descriptive information, severity levels, and actionable remediation recommendations. Additionally, our automated service allows customers to conveniently schedule scanning exercises, minimizing any potential disruption to day-to-day operations.


By identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities on an infrastructure level and providing the recommended remediation actions, Claro Enterprise Solutions’ Vulnerability Assessment helps businesses design and coordinate a process to fully fortify their network infrastructure.

• Simplifies the vulnerability assessment process through:

↗ Quick service enabling

↗ Continuous vulnerability evaluation of your organization's assets

↗ Dynamic risk prioritization using threat intelligence techniques

• Recommends remediation of found vulnerabilities through executive and detailed technical reporting.

• Complies with vulnerability evaluation controls required by regulations.

• Easily manages high volume scanning of assets.

• Ensures best practices are followed by our cybersecurity experts.