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A unified IT cybersecurity strategy, for today and beyond. A unified IT cybersecurity strategy, for today and beyond.

Moving targets, sophisticated threats

A unified IT cybersecurity strategy, for today and beyond.

IT Cybersecurity strategies for today and beyond.

Managed Security Services

Range of expertise, focused delivery

An effective IT cybersecurity strategy requires an optimal mix of talent, technology and process expertise. Many businesses, however, struggle to find the resources needed to keep pace with constantly evolving threats. Prioritizing resources poses a related challenge.

Our Managed Security Services offering comprises a comprehensive range of capabilities around vulnerability analysis, penetration testing, social engineering, social code review and web and mobile application testing. We develop risk framework strategies and cybersecurity protocols, conduct risk management at a board oversight level and provide employee awareness and training programs. Top-notch white hat hacking talent identifies risks and weak spots that require remediation. Threat and cyber intelligence experts conduct deep and dark web searches, takedowns and reverse malware analysis. By assessing gaps and defining risk priorities, we design a cybersecurity policy that addresses the unique needs of your organization to help maximize ROI and ensure appropriate focus of resources.

Managed SIEM capablities include Splunk, AlienVault, Exabeam, Sentinel, Microfocus and McAfee; Managed SOAR includes Exabeam and Swimlane. Certifications include GPEN, GWAPT, GSSP-JAVA, CEH, CISSP, CSSLP, CERT Secure Programmer JAVA and others.

Tools, processes and expertise for today’s cyber threats

Managed Security Services

Threats evolve, we respond

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Field tested, leading edge technologies provide most recent intel from the global cybersecurity landscape and emerging threats.

Cost Savings and Predictability

Reduced upfront costs and predictable monthly expenses from spreading fixed technology costs across large customer bases. Estimates show that Managed Security Services reduces IT infrastructure costs by 24%.

Business Focus

Hiring and retaining technology expertise related to patching, scanning, monitoring, remediation, etc., poses a daunting challenge.

Reduced Risk

The right level of expertise, monitoring and remediation to reduce the risk of exposure and the devastating cost of a data breach.

Use Cases

Security Awareness for Vulnerable Employees

Security Awareness for Vulnerable Employees

When it comes to awareness of cyber threats, many employees are – to put it bluntly – clueless. Effecting training is essential to build awareness and mitigate risk.

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UCaaS and Security Bundle

UCaaS and Security Bundle

Integrated Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) transport, with an additional layer of basic security functionality, to help teams that are stretched thin juggling myriad priorities.

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Cybersecurity for Mid-Sized Organizations: One Size Does Not Fit All

Cybersecurity for Mid-Sized Organizations: One Size Does Not Fit All

Smaller businesses face significant risk from security breaches, and are often vulnerable to attack. What steps can they take to prepare and implement effective strategies?

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