Secure Cloud Backup

Our solution uses patented technology that allows you to recover systems in seconds by starting any Windows or Linux system (physical or virtual) directly from the backup storage on your existing environment.

Secure Cloud Backup

Why Do Businesses Need Backup Services?

Secure Cloud Backup helps mitigate risks and lower costs by delivering speedy recoveries for your physical, virtual, and cloud applications and data. Structured as a modular solution, each element can complement existing infrastructure to support an overall disaster recovery plan aligned to your specific requirements.

By allowing you to manage your backup and recovery from attacks such as ransomware with immutable backups, our scalable, easy-to-use backup self-service helps ensure your team keeps business going on schedule.

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Secure Cloud Backup

“With our Secure Cloud Backup, businesses benefit from a cost-effective and secure way to help reduce the risk of data loss and business disruption.”

Adriana Estivill, Director Cloud Product Management

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