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It’s scary out there. Be vigilant. It’s scary out there. Be vigilant.

It’s scary out there. Be vigilant.

Tools to identify and assess vulnerabilities.

Assessment, Testing and Cyber Intelligence

Assessment, Testing and Cyber Intelligence

Protecting a business network from cyberattacks requires constant attention – from researching evolving threats, to analyzing weak spots, to testing defenses with staged attacks by experts steeped in the latest tricks of the hacking trade.

Our Assessment, Testing and Cyber Intelligence solutions help you identify, prioritize and protect weak spots in your network infrastructure and validate the effectiveness of tools and policies on an ongoing basis. 

Vulnerability Assessments are carried out by a team of experts as needed to accommodate best practices and industry requirements. Pen Testing services dig deeper to identify and exploit vulnerabilities and pinpoint the impact of an attack on the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical information. We also define specific recommendations to mitigate, remediate or eliminate threats. Cyber Intelligence Diagnostic services deliver actionable intelligence through continual research and analysis of phishing sites, non-official social network profiles and malicious identity-theft applications.



Customer-facing service portal lets you schedule scanning exercises, retrieve executive and detailed technical reports and get early warnings.

Actionable Insights

Benchmark your risk exposure level and effectiveness of your security posture and get specific recommendations on corrective actions.

Return on Investment

Prioritize risk levels and optimize resource allocation on remediation actions.


Industry-specific insight into risks and regulatory and compliance requirements.


Assessments, analyses and recommendations are tailored to your specific environment.

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