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Leverage ITFS to extend business reach

Manage calls, scale your solution and allow customers to easily contact you at no cost.

International Toll-Free Service

International Toll-Free Service

Open new doors and build your business

Digital technology creates opportunities to reach new customers around the world, potentially linking buyers in Asia with suppliers in Cleveland. While technology shrinks distance, speaking with customers is still important. Being able to be reached via phone can be the difference between winning or losing a sale. But international fees and confusion around country codes can complicate voice communication.

Our International Toll-Free Service (ITFS) provides easy expansion of overseas coverage, allowing your business to receive international calls from multiple countries at no cost to the caller. We make it so that there’s no excuse for businesses of any size to not be reachable around the world. We offer international toll-free numbers in over 30 countries to help you increase your customer coverage overseas, while having your operation concentrated in a single location. Calls can be placed internationally, at no cost for the calling party, and terminate at your telephone lines in the continental US and Puerto Rico. By advertising a single telephone number in international locations, you’ll make it easy for global customers to contact you, while simplifying operations and reducing costs. Get one simple invoice with detailed call records. Focus on your business while maintaining a local presence globally.

Benefits of International Toll Free Services (ITFS)


International toll-free numbers originating in over 30 countries.


Global calls originate from multiple countries and terminate at your U.S.-based telephone equipment.


Easy activation across multiple geographies.


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