Agile Development Factory Use Case

Agile Development Factory (ADF) deploys quick, cost-effective, secure-by-design software solutions aligned to enterprises' specific needs. Use a dedicated agile team focused on developing high-quality deliverables sprint by sprint.


Today's constantly evolving business environment gives teams little time to properly develop, implement, and optimize technology solutions. And while the priority is to build solutions with real value to customers, most teams launch, then neglect to understand and nurture feedback for continuous architectural and security development.

The Solution

By utilizing Claro Enterprise Solutions Agile Development Factory (ADF), teams gain a software development service based on an agile, iterative approach to project management. This strategy establishes faster, customizable, secure-by-design software solutions that save time and money and are aligned with exact business needs. With ADF, organizations obtain a team committed to deploying enterprise-grade deliverables during every step until the final delivery of the finished solution.


  • Agile Methodology: Deploy an agile methodology with defined roles, responsibilities, and meetings that stay consistent.
  • Skilled, Experienced Teams: Access an agile-driven team committed to producing results and making advances based on real-world results (working software) rather than speculation.
  • Transparent Project Breakdowns: Perform precise services based on mapped-out deliverables.
  • Easily Controlled Changes: Provide clear, easy access for stakeholders when completing projects.
  • Mitigated Risks & Technical Issues: Deploy a predictable pipeline of work.

In Conclusion

Business technology and cybersecurity are evolving rapidly. With Agile Development Factory, businesses gain cost-effective, cross-functional development teams that focus on streamlining an intuitive strategy and nurturing solutions development from conception to completion.