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SaaS for Enterprise & MNCs SaaS for Enterprise & MNCs

Multi-cloud software - easy

Focus on responding to changing business needs.

SaaS for Enterprise & MNCs

Software as a Service

Increase efficiency, flexibility and productivity

By offering lower cost of entry, faster time-to-market and pay-as-you-go flexibility, SaaS models can help businesses focus on responding to changing needs.

Our managed SaaS offering enhances collaboration and provides instant availability. We facilitate teamwork by simplifying how applications are accessed across diverse user groups.


Lower Up-Front Cost

Subscription-based and no up-front license fees. No hardware or software maintenance costs.

Rapid Deployment

Cloud-based installation and configuration minimize delays and mitigate set-up issues.

No Updates Required

Cloud-hosted solutions save money and time. Vendors are responsible for updates.


Applications can be accessed from anywhere with any internet connection.

End-to-End Support

24x7 single point of contact, global multi-lingual support and dedicated service management teams

Plans and Pricing


Making collaboration easier.

Microsoft Office 365

Enterprise-grade performance for businesses of any size.


Grow your business, we’ll keep it secure. Stop threats with integrated, centrally managed advanced defenses.

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud

Backup as a service – uncompromised data safety at an affordable monthly rate.

Use Cases

Office 365 + SD-WAN to Manage M&A

Office 365 + SD-WAN to Manage M&A

Streamlining integration to optimize benefits.

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Tackling Complexity

Tackling Complexity

How mid-sized organizations can leverage the cloud to build collaboration.

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