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IaaS for Enterprise & MNCs IaaS for Enterprise & MNCs

Multi-cloud infrastructure – your way

Find the right mix of public, private and hybrid resources for your enterprise.

IaaS for Enterprise & MNCs

Infrastructure as a Service

Flexible, available and scalable solutions

IaaS models allow enterprises to scale resources to quickly respond to constantly changing business requirements. The challenge: finding the right mix of public, private and hybrid.

We provide access to a robust global Cloud platform and a wide variety of services to enable your multi-cloud strategy. Our custom-built solutions, world-class support, strategic partnerships and product capabilities support public, private or hybrid initiatives on demand. We help you deploy Cloud and stay in control of your infrastructure.


Tailored Solutions

Solution mix on demand. Bare-metal, Managed Services, DC cross-connection, network services and more.

White Glove Service

Customized solutions and marketplace, customer care based on SLAs and country of deployment.

Strategic Alliances

Partnerships ensure extensive coverage to support a multi-Cloud strategy.

End-to-End Support

24x7 single point of contact, global multi-lingual support and dedicated service management teams.

Extensive Reach

Interconnected regional data centers worldwide ensure low latency and address regulatory issues.

Plans and Pricing

Business Cloud Server

Utility pricing and auto-scaling capacity.

Microsoft Azure

Cost-effectively migrate apps, data and infrastructure.


The Digital Telco as Strategic Business Partner

The Digital Telco as Strategic Business Partner

Telecom carriers traditionally delivered the basic functionality of communication and connectivity – voice, data and network capacity. The telco of old deployed teams of technicians to manage a physical infrastructure of cables, boxes and switches. Service provisioning and maintenance were labor-intensive and time-consuming. Service options were one-size-fits-all.

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