Meet the requirements of your evolving business.

Enterprise Cloud Services

"74% of IT leaders say cloud is the most critical part of their entire digital transformation strategy" (Frost & Sullivan 2021 Global Cloud User Survey). Meet the requirements of your evolving business with Enterprise Claro Cloud with the most robust network connectivity and performance.

Managed Cloud Services

Enterprise Claro Cloud

Enhance your cloud strategy for both legacy VM-based and container workloads managed in your own Software Defined Data Center (SDD) cloud infrastructure.

Secure Cloud Backup

Cloud-based backup data protection provide a cost-effective and secure way to reduce the risk of data loss and business disruption.

Strategic Cloud Capabilities

Strategic Cloud Capabilities

The strategic use of cloud capabilities has highlighted the need for a path to the cloud that provides streamlined operations, VM and container agility, legacy application support, enhanced security, and cost transparency – our Managed Cloud Services were developed in answer to these needs. 

What are Managed Cloud Services?

Our Managed Cloud Services enhance your cloud infrastructure diversity with our leading-edge software defined cloud that scales with you.

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Managed Cloud Services

Benefits of Managed Cloud Services

Robust Infrastructures

Employ a robust, legacy friendly infrastructure for the most demanding apps.

VMware Capabilities

Experience simplified cloud adoption with the VMware capabilities for legacy applications.

Cost Effective Services

Access a feature-rich & cost effective services catalog for compute, network, and storage.

Diversified Infrastructures

Utilize world-class technology for a diversified cloud infrastructure strategy.

Easy Scalability

Enjoy an agile and easily scaled infrastructure that’s ready to grow with you.

Managed Cloud Services Quote

“With Managed Cloud Services, we provide clients with an enterprise-grade cloud that can be key part of a diversified cloud security strategy.”

Mike Herrmann, Director Cloud Product Management