Locate & Manage Assets and Gain Critical Insights into Shipments 24/7.


Effortlessly enhance commercial and industrial asset operations, analyze critical events, and access 24/7 global shipment monitoring anywhere using Claro Asset Insights’ secure platform with fully customizable alerts.

Why Claro Enterprise Solutions?

Claro Enterprise Solutions, a subsidiary of América Móvil, is a global integrator with over 20 years of experience and your partner for managing secure-by-design cybersecurity and information technology solutions adapted to your business requirements. Choose Claro and scale your enterprise using industry-leading partners and experienced specialists to support your operations day and night.

Secure. Compliant. Connected.

Where’s My Stuff?

From late deliveries and staff being unable to locate essential equipment to trying to discover why an expensive device randomly stops working, your equipment can fail you in numerous ways.

Claro Asset Insights

Track assets and shipments autonomously, manage them digitally, and gain valuable insights into their condition, status, and critical events with Claro Asset Insights.

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Claro Asset Insights

How Does Asset Insights Work?

Quickly place an IoT sensor on your device, then use the CES platform to collect various movement/measurement data to optimize your assets' location, availability, utilization, and business processes. Use the platform to monitor shipments 24/7 and receive and share real-time updates on their location.

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How Claro Asset Insights Works
How Can Claro Asset Insights Grow Your Business?

How Can Claro Asset Insights Enhance Customer Experiences?

By optimizing shipments, improving customer service, and enabling new service-oriented business models, IoT solutions like Claro Asset Insights make your devices smarter while contributing to the innovative development of products and services, and generate new revenue streams.

Patrick Verdugo

“Our deep expertise in critical business functions including IoT services allows us to provide scalable digital transformations across different workplaces, locations, and geographies for midsize and enterprise corporations.”

Patrick Verdugo, Director IoT Product Management