Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment

Enterprise Vulnerability Assessment

Identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities on an infrastructure level.

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Did You Know...

59% of the organizations DO NOT have an established program to perform vulnerabilities assessments and attackers have an average time of seven days to use vulnerabilities before the defender knows they even exist?

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability management is a cyclical practice to identify, classify, remediate, and mitigate international and domestic threats to your network.

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what is vulnerability assessment

How Vulnerability Assessment Works

Customers can conveniently request and schedule vulnerability scans using the secure Claro Enterprise Solutions customer portal. Designed to be a seamless and convenient process for clients, our Vulnerability Assessments are deployed from a cloud management console, which uses an internal scanning probe on the customer network. Once the assessment is completed, customers can view technical and executive reports within the secure portal.

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Vulnerability Assessments are enabled from a cloud management console and internal scanning probes.

Why Choose Our Vulnerability Assessment Services?

19% of the organizations HAVE NOT performed a security test in the last six months. Our Vulnerability Assessment identifies and prioritizes international and domestic infrastructure vulnerabilities and facilitates the remediation actions that validate organizations’ assets.

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Vulnerability Assessments can Improve Your Business

How can Vulnerability Assessments Improve Your Business?

Security vulnerabilities allow hackers to attack IT systems and applications, making it crucial for enterprises to recognize and remediate weaknesses before they are exploited. Vulnerability Assessments provide your team with the necessary knowledge and awareness to understand and respond to cyber threats.

Use Cases & Insights

Vulnerability Assessment Use Case

Vulnerability Assessment Use Case

5 Key Components Most Businesses Lack

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The HIPAA Security Rule & How to Prevent Vulnerabilities

The HIPAA Security Rule & How to Prevent Vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Assessments provide healthcare administrators with the knowledge to understand and respond to security gaps.

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Detailed Insights of Gaps Putting Your Network at Risk

We provide plan remediation actions when vulnerabilities are detected.

Vulnerability Assessment quote

“With cybersecurity offerings including our Vulnerability Assessment solution, we help identify existing security risks, and prioritize actions that help prevent unauthorized access to networks and data.”

Kelly Rein, Cybersecurity Product Director