Vulnerability Assessment


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How Vulnerability Assessment Works

Customers can conveniently request and schedule vulnerability scans using Claro Enterprise Solutions’ secure customer portal. Designed to be a seamless and convenient process for clients, our Vulnerability Assessments are deployed from a cloud management console, which uses an internal scanning probe on the customer network. Once the assessment is completed, customers can view technical and executive reports within the customer portal.

Vulnerability Assessment

Why Choose Our Vulnerability Assessment Services?

Our Vulnerability Assessment services are carried out by a team of cybersecurity experts that assess existing cybersecurity risks and prioritize taking action that help prevent unauthorized access to networks and data while following processes conforming to international security standards such as MITRE ATT&CK, NIST, and SANS Institute. Our entirely automated service ensures customers to conveniently plan their scanning exercises, minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations.

How can Vulnerability Assessments Improve Your Business?

Security vulnerabilities allow hackers to attack IT systems and applications, making it crucial for organizations to recognize and remediate weaknesses before they are exploited.

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“Our cybersecurity offerings, including Vulnerability Assessments can help identify existing security risks and provide actionable intelligence to help prevent unauthorized access to networks and data.”

Kelly Rein, Cybersecurity Product Director


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