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Your growth needs dedicated Internet

Constantly evolving needs require a reliable, flexible and cost-effective solution.

Keep your business connected

Dedicated Internet Access

Keep your business connected – with customers, employees and partners


A single, reliable and dedicated source for high-bandwidth internet to connect your users – whether they’re across town or across the globe.


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) enables enhanced e-commerce for businesses of all sizes, with options available to meet needs ranging from multinational enterprise solutions to carrier-class capabilities.

Benefits of Dedicated Internet Access


Low-, medium- and high-speed connectivity and customized solution options to support a range of business needs.


DIA connections bundled with SD-WAN can be cost-effective alternative to aging T-1s.

Extensive coverage

Convenient bandwidth options that allow your company to expand.

Ease of Implementation

Rapid deployment and upgrades to respond to changing business needs.


24x7 single point of contact, global multi-lingual customer support and dedicated service management teams.