medical staff wearing mask in operating room using healthcare technology.

Healthcare Technology Solutions

Managed IT services with layers of security for healthcare facilities.


Healthcare Technology Solutions

To improve patient care and accelerate operations, your organization needs to technologically modernize, innovate, and adapt. Our healthcare technology solutions RTLS+ Patient Monitoring and RTLS+ Medical Asset Tracking can help improve patient care, streamline administrative tasks, and reduce equipment loss and unused inventory

Scalable Technology Solutions for Your Business

Our comprehensive range of IT, Networking, Internet of Things, and Professional Services offerings provide the functionality Healthcare organizations need to thrive in today’s environment. Whether you’re a mid-size or enterprise-level business, we can help. With our healthcare technology solutions, you can: 

• Improve user and patient experiences
• Protect remote assets and improve inventory management
• Comply with rigorous and evolving regulatory standards

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Managed Network & Communication Services

Secure high-speed solutions to support the growth of telehealth and bandwidth intensive applications.

MSP Services

Tailored collaboration solutions keep administrative teams engaged, productive, and on the same page, regardless of location.


Best-in-class cybersecurity solutions to protect confidential data with leading technology and optimized processes.

IoT Solutions

Smart technology to track equipment before it goes missing using AI & ML enabled video analytics, tags, and geo-fencing

Managed Cloud Services

Streamline processes by moving to the Cloud. Customizable solutions help enable tools that align with your needs.

Healthcare Insights

Medical staff wearing protective suit, mask, and gloves, administering care

Real-Time Location System Plus

Hospitals face increasing pressure to reduce operational costs and enhance oversight of mobile assets and equipment within healthcare facilities. Technology solutions that leverage video analytics, geo-fencing and beacons can help hospital staff address the challenge.

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medical staff wearing scrubs and mask while using a patient monitor.

Real-Time Location System Plus: a Must for CFOs

Hospitals lose millions of dollars a year due to lost and stolen equipment. Smart technology can help drive savings, improve operations and enhance patient care.

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Man sitting on a desk during a conference call

Collaboration Tools for Healthcare

Competitive dynamics and the pandemic transformed the healthcare industry. To adapt, survive and thrive, facilities must streamline internal communication and enhance patient experiences. Collaboration tools can help.

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woman healthcare workers in scrubs viewing apatient monitor.

5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Require RTLS

Lost equipment costs healthcare facilities billions & causes serious gaps in patient care. Create security zones to prevent & locate equipment using RTLS+

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Smart Connectivity, Security and Mobility – Enabling the New Healthcare Enterprise

Smart Connectivity, Security and Mobility – Enabling the New Healthcare Enterprise

Healthcare providers spend millions of dollars a year replacing lost or stolen equipment. They also spend time: according to one study, at least one in three nurses devote an hour or more per shift searching for medical supplies or equipment. So, what's the solution?

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CES’ Vulnerability Assessment helps healthcare facilities fortify their network infrastructure

CES’ Vulnerability Assessment helps healthcare facilities fortify their network infrastructure

Audit information systems, assess remediation plans, and acknowledge ongoing security compliances with vulnerability assessments.

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