Collaboration and Voice

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  • As a small or mid-sized organization, how can we benefit innovative new technology?
  • Can a UCaaS solution help me improve productivity and customer service?
  • How can we leverage cloud models to deploy an integrated solution for IP telephony and collaboration?

Unified Communications (UC) solutions can deliver a wide range of benefits that include cost savings, enhanced productivity and a seamless user experience. The challenge lies in optimizing investment to fully leverage existing infrastructure while transitioning to new systems and technology.

Our cloud-based UC solution delivers a seamless user experience and anytime, anywhere, any device collaboration under one platform. Benefits include flexible scaling through a pay-as-you-grow model, a range of cloud migration options, reduced costs and predictable expenses across all communications.


Reduced TCO

Proven model for migrating from a Capex to an Opex model.

Increased Productivity

Secure environment for mobile applications.


Mix service models and features to address specific needs.


Presence in more than 25 countries and 24x7x365 specialized support.


Why Migrate to VoIP?

Why Migrate to VoIP? The Numbers Don’t Lie

Despite the acknowledged benefits, many businesses remain reluctant to move to IP-based telephony. While the transition is easy, finding the right mix of technology components is essential.

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Office 365 and SD-WAN Case Study

Streamlining Integration

Streamlining integration to optimize M&A benefits.

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SD-WAN & UCaaS Use Case


How UCaaS delivers seamless connectivity, enhanced visibility and lower TCO.

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Enterprise in a box Case Study

Security Functionality

A layer of security functionality to provide oversight of basic risks.

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Seamless, predictable, pay-as-you-grow connectivity.

Contact Center as a Service

Cloud-based efficiency, flexibility and quality of service.


Take your business global with International Toll-Free Service.