Improve Business Operations with MSP Services

Improve Operations and Security with MSP Services

Access remote and highly secure IT infrastructure management using Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions.


Global Service Desk

Eliminate business IT complexities, increase security and employee productivity, and ensure customer satisfaction.

IT Staff Augmentation

Seamlessly scale teams with trained experts for as long as needed and hire support with specific skills.

Agile Development Factory

Save time and cut costs utilizing teams trained to eliminate redundant and unnecessary design/redesign work to streamline processes.


What is Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Managed Service Provider solutions help integrate systems, locations, and remote workers by providing the infrastructure and tools that enable employees to work more efficiently.  

Why Choose Claro Enterprise Solutions to be Your Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Our security-focused MSP outsourcing model enables 24/7 multilingual support from anywhere in the world, so you save valuable time and provide better experiences for your customers. Implement new MSP technology faster and increase your competitiveness and efficiency. Together, we keep you secure and ahead of the competition.

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Managed Service Provider Benefits


Reduce third-party providers and increase security with our global, last mile network coverage.


Get 24/7 single-point-of-contact customer support through WAN management.


Benefit from valuable solutions made possible through our world-renowned partnerships.


Stay compliant with HIPAA*, IEEE, IETF, ISO, ITIL, PMP, SOC, PCI, and more.


Transition to modern technology seamlessly with scalable, security centric solutions and hybrid networks.

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“By tailoring our support to fit personalized business needs, we proactively address all IT issues with the objective to reduce the number of IT-related incidents.”

Luis Sierra, Director Managed Services