Enterprise Claro Cloud

Enterprise Claro Cloud

Enhance your cloud infrastructure diversity while enabling both legacy VM-based and advanced container workloads.

Your Flexible, Software-Defined Cloud

Scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Enterprise Claro Cloud allows enterprises to easily scale resources to respond to changing business requirements.

Your Flexible, Software-Defined Cloud

Whether you are a cloud-first company or just beginning a journey, Enterprise Claro Cloud enhances your strategy by enabling both legacy VM-based and advanced container workloads to be developed and managed efficiently.

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Scalable Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

How does Claro Cloud Work?

Using a robust, legacy friendly infrastructure to support the most demanding apps, Claro Cloud protects your business data and improves your security posture through our virtual data centers. 24/7 support ensures extensive coverage to support your multi-cloud strategy.

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Claro Cloud

A Growing Global Platform

We’ve custom-built our best-of-breed, software-defined cloud infrastructure by leveraging our deep client experience. +1,500 enterprise clients currently use Claro Cloud, which helps make us a top 4 cloud provider in Latin America.

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Claro Cloud, a growing global platform
Claro Cloud can improve your business.

How can Claro Cloud Improve Your Business?

We provide access to a robust global Cloud platform and a wide variety of services to enable your multi-cloud strategy. Our custom-built solutions, global support, strategic partnerships, and product capabilities are ready to be a part of your cloud journey.

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“With Managed Cloud Services, we provide clients with an enterprise-grade cloud that can be key part of a diversified cloud security strategy.”

Mike Herrmann, Director Cloud Product Management