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Minimize your network attack surface. Minimize your network attack surface.

Minimize your network attack surface

Stop guessing. Cover your blind spots.

Our Vulnerability Assessment (VA) services are delivered as stand-alone offerings.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proactive preparation

In today’s increasingly complex and dynamic cyber environment, firewall security, intrusion detection systems (IDS) and antivirus/anti-malware no longer cut it. Bad actors and hackers still can access your systems and data by exploiting vulnerabilities in your networks. Identifying those vulnerabilities before the attackers do is essential. But many smaller organizations lack the resources needed to keep up with continually evolving threats.

Traditionally largely a compliance function, Vulnerability Assessments (VA) are becoming a key security operational process mandated by most end-user organizations as well as standards bodies such as NIST, PCI and many others. As a core element of an enterprise’s network attack surface strategy, VA can provide unique insights in managing multiple end points, identities and other factors. Organizations can entrust VA solutions to cover gaps created by understaffing or limited resources.

Our Vulnerability Assessment (VA) services are delivered as stand-alone offerings through partnerships with top VA market organizations, as well as through our Managed Security Service offering, which integrates VA capabilities with other threat detection and response capabilities.


Brand Building

Secured data supports better search rankings, as Google predominantly shows secure websites in first-page rankings.


Demonstrating oversight of vulnerabilities and network attack surface is a key component of adhering to regulatory requirements.

Reduce Risk

Identify the flaws and loopholes in your security environment, classify them based on their potential impact and fix vulnerabilities before a bad actor finds them.


Visibility into IT infrastructure and real-time intel in patch and change management programs enables a proactive approach to security.