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Engage with your retail and hospitality customers

Develop, execute and manage a cost-effective, scalable and data-driven strategy.

Retail and hospitality solutions for small and medium businesses

Retail and Hospitality Solutions

Levelling the competitive playing field

Industry disruptors are redefining the retail and hospitality sectors. Traditional entities – particularly smaller ones – face intense pressure to create new ways of engaging with customers and creating meaningful connections. Effective use of intelligent automation, data analytics and new business models are essential. Key success factors include the ability to analyze customer life cycle stages and build robust queries to assess and continually improve brand awareness. Audience segmentation based on a wide range of demographic and behavioral criteria enables strategic focus.

Our Retail and Hospitality Solutions practice applies statistical analyses of data from social, digital and traditional channels. How do store layouts and product placements impact specific purchases? What makes a tourist or business destination “hot?” How do consumers respond to key social media influencers? By providing insight into these critical questions, we help you develop a fact-based approach to customer engagement. Operational benefits include support of centralized purchasing through integrated catalogs, improved inventory management through unit cost tracking and low-stock alerts and secure data storage, wireless hardware compatibility and mobile reporting. From design to implementation, we help you deliver a cost-effective and scalable strategy that leverages an enhanced customer experience, targeted data collection, focused analysis and efficient point-of-sale execution.

Monitor fuel supplies to provide actionable insights

Retail & Hospitality Solutions

The right tools, technology and processes to deliver a unique experience – every time

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Deploy AI-enabled sentiment analysis, video and facial recognition to assess consumer engagement and support predictive analytics.


Activity mapping via video, WiFi, Bluetooth and low-energy beacons anonymously documents shopper and employee activity.

Customer Experience

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) and event planning/management applications. POS access to all payment types, from any device, anywhere.

Business Intelligence

Track key performance indicators in real time: sales reports, profit year over year, recent sales, sales per employee and average transaction value.

Breadth and Depth of Social Media

Coverage in 187 languages across 196 countries and 150+ million sources covered. Access to over 20 social channels, as well as IM apps, review and streaming sites, media sources and websites.

Use Cases

Digital Strategy for Brick and Mortar Retail

Digital Strategy for Brick and Mortar Retail

How traditional businesses can apply intelligent tools and data analytics to evade disruptors and optimize the in-store experience.

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Digital Event Management

Digital Event Management

Gain an edge in a competitive environment. A high-quality event management platform and toolset can help set you apart.

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Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Social Media for Customer Insights

To create new ways of forging meaningful connections, businesses are looking to digital capabilities to analyze massive volumes of data and gain deeper insights into customers.

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A Millennial’s Take on the Customer Experience

A Millennial’s Take on the Customer Experience

Businesses are focused on transforming the customer experience through VR/AR applications and other innovative technologies. For younger consumers, these tools are becoming baseline expectations.

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Digital Transformation and the CMO

Digital Transformation and the CMO

Businesses are focusing on using Big Data to enhance customer experiences, creating an opportunity for marketing executives to take a leadership role in the Boardroom.

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Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Smart sensors and analytics can help grocers and other retailers maintain quality, engage customers and enhance competitiveness. But where to begin? An effective strategy starts small, delivers results and builds momentum.

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Retailers Can Take Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

Two Ways Retailers Can Take Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

How retailers are taking insights to the next level.

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