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Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation Digital Transformation

eXtended Reality (VR, AR and MR)

Create interactive experiences to train, learn and engage

Digital Transformation

An agnostic approach to leveraging smart tools.

Big Data and Analytics

Parsing volumes of information to gain nuggets of insight.

Retail and Hospitality Solutions

Leverage data analytics to engage customers, drive revenue and build brand.

Managed IT Outsourcing

Get the expertise and skills your company needs for customized solutions across a global frontier.

Application Services

Technology expertise to bring your business vision to life.

Technology Asset Management

All of your IT, Telecom and IoT assets centralized in one inventory.

Professional Services & Consulting

Big ideas for smaller organizations.

  • How can I apply digital intelligence and data analytics to redefine business operations and gain a competitive edge?
  • Do I have the resources to leverage Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications?
  • How do I cost-effectively manage my traditional IT environment?
Our Professional Services is analytics-based to inform about your operational improvement and customer engagement.

Digital technologies can help enterprises of all sizes achieve new levels of operational efficiency, as well as develop and execute more effective customer-focused and agile business strategies. Indeed, because smaller organizations are often less reliant on outdated technology, they can leapfrog larger competitors when driving innovation.

Our Professional Services and Consulting offerings help businesses leverage existing investments and transition seamlessly to digital models. From Agile deployments to process automation to traditional IT services, our agnostic approach helps you optimize your technology investment to create new possibilities.



Create better customer experiences and boost your brand.


Deploy new business models through digital tools.


Streamline operations through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and machine learning applications.


Drive operational improvement and customer engagement from analytics-based learnings.


Three Tips for Selecting an IT Outsourcing Provider

Three Tips for Selecting an IT Outsourcing Provider

IT outsourcers can help businesses efficiently manage basic IT services as well as lay the groundwork for transitioning to new digital platforms. But finding the right partner can be tricky. We offer some clues.

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Exploring Mid-Market UCaaS Solutions

Exploring Mid-Market UCaaS Solutions? Know What You Don’t Know

Technology requirements of mid-market organizations are becoming increasingly complex. UCaaS solutions can help address the challenge by enhancing collaboration among remote workers and dispersed teams. But in many cases, businesses lack clear understanding of solution options and capabilities. Insight into the art of the possible is essential.

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Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Smaller retailers face unprecedented competitive pressure. Smart sensors and analytics can be a cost-effective way to level the playing field by enhancing quality and creating an engaging customer experience.

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Digital Event Management

Digital Event Management

Gain an edge in a competitive environment. A high-quality event management platform and toolset can help set you apart.

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Retailers Can Take Social Media Engagement to the Next Level

Social Media and Customer Data

How retailers are taking insights to the next level.

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Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Social Media for Customer Insights

To create new ways of forging meaningful connections, businesses are looking to digital capabilities to analyze massive volumes of data and gain deeper insights into customers.

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Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Smart sensors are redefining risk and liability models.

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Digital Telco

5 Characteristics of the Digital Telco

The role of telecom services companies is evolving.

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The Ghosts of Legacy Systems

The Ghosts of Legacy Systems

Overcoming the burden of old technology and outdated processes

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Digital Telco Blog


Telcos are evolving into strategic partners.

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Smart Sensors at the Edge

How smart sensors at the edge help farmers profit.

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Temperature Monitoring Case Study

Costly Freezer Failures

Preventing costly freezer failures in restaurants.

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