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Redefine possibilities with smart sensors at the edge

Protect critical assets and support continuous improvement with temperature monitoring solutions.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Enhancing safety and enabling oversight


To meet safety and quality standards, restaurants and grocers must maintain specifically defined levels of temperature and humidity. Small chains and family-owned businesses typically rely on labor-intensive, inaccurate and unreliable methods to monitor temperature.


We deploy smart devices directly within critical areas such as refrigerators and storage facilities to accurately and precisely measure temperature and humidity levels. Through real-time communication with managers, we enable oversight, rapid corrective action and root cause analysis of problems.


Safety and Quality Assurance

Quickly identify out-of-range temperature and humidity levels to enable rapid corrective action.

Cost Savings

Smart devices replace labor-intensive functions at a fraction of the cost.

Root Cause Analysis

Real-time, 24x7x365 monitoring puts the spotlight on unsafe, inefficient and fraudulent practices.