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Protect people and assets

Smart sensors enhance security and improve logistics through precise tracking.

Geo-location sensors

Location Services

From enhancing convenience to saving lives

The use of location monitoring technology to track the location of objects and people can dramatically impact lives and businesses. Law enforcement officers can find a lost or abducted child. An airline can easily retrieve baggage that misses a connection. Smart tags attached to items as small as a smartphone or keys can help people locate everyday essentials with the ring of an app.

Our Location Services solution deploys smart, affordable geo-location sensors in a variety of settings to enable accurate tracking. Voice activation and vertical distancing capabilities enable real-time communication and pin-point placement of coordinates. Whether tracking material goods or people, the ability to monitor and pin-point location dramatically enhances your business’ performance and safety. In operations, location tracking enhances logistics and scheduling and lends transparency to reporting. Children riding buses alone, college students walking across campus late at night or pets left alone in yards can be monitored and located, thereby providing security and peace of mind.


Customer Service

Faster tracking and retrieval of lost items.

Inventory Management and Distribution

Real-time oversight and monitoring of goods in transit.


Protection for students, unattended children and lost pets.


Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Smart sensors are redefining risk and liability models.

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Insurance Will Never Be the Same

Insurance Will Never Be the Same

AI, Robotic Process Automation and the Internet of Things are transforming insurance operational and business models.

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