Edge Intelligence

IoT enablement to level the playing field.

  • Can smaller businesses benefit from networks of intelligent devices and sensors?
  • How do we identify the best candidates for smart device initiatives?
  • How do we achieve benefits from quick wins, while building momentum for a long-term strategy?

Businesses in a wide range of industries seek to leverage benefits from connected, intelligent devices that continually collect, share and analyze data. The challenge lies in translating long-term visions into short-term results. Indeed, many initiatives fail to achieve gains or move beyond planning and prototype phases, weakening the business case for further investment.

Our focused edge solutions bring smart technology directly to the source to address specific problems and define quantitative measures to gauge results – with minimal investment. In the process, we establish a foundation for an integrated, enterprise-wide strategy for connected, intelligent computing.


Measurable Results

Address specific and clearly defined business problems.

Transformational Outcomes

Solutions redefine inefficient business processes.

Return on Investment

Results and impact far exceed capital expenditure required.


Smart Sensors for Fleet Management

Smart Sensors for Fleet Management

How intelligent devices help transportation companies comply with regulations and enhance competitiveness.

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Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Bruised Bananas, Edge Intelligence and AI in the Retail Experience

Smaller retailers face unprecedented competitive pressure. Smart sensors and analytics can be a cost-effective way to level the playing field by enhancing quality and creating an engaging customer experience.

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Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Edge Intelligence and Insurance Underwriting

Smart sensors are redefining risk and liability models.

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ELD is Coming

ELD is Coming

Fleet Managers Face a Compliance Deadline.

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Digital Telco Blog


Telcos are evolving into strategic partners.

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Paintballing Pigs Blog

Smart Sensors at the Edge

How smart sensors at the edge help farmers profit.

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Temperature Monitoring Case Study

Costly Freezer Failures

Preventing costly freezer failures in restaurants.

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Smart Sensors Enhance Pharmacy Safety and Compliance

Keeping Medicines Safe

IoT-enabled devices help pharmacies maintain and track supplies.

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Temperature Monitoring

Keep track of business-critical equipment.

Fuel Analysis

Track usage and prevent illicit sales.

Location Services

Track assets and keep people safe.

Fleet Management

Real-time monitoring and documentation of vehicles, drivers and goods.