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Social Media and Omnichannel Solutions for your business Social Media and Omnichannel Solutions for your business

Link up with your customers

Succeed in a Post-Modern world.

Gain critical insight into a consumer’s intention to use

Social Media and Omnichannel

Data-based insights for stronger customer connections.

Social media and mobile data have revolutionized how customers make decisions. To satisfy today’s demanding consumers, omnichannel strategies that leverage the vast world of communication platforms are a must. But forcing customers to choose between multiple options just won’t cut it -- they expect things on their terms. Those expectations vary across different demographics.

Our affiliate company, Telvista, offers Social Media and Omnichannel solutions attuned to customers ranging from tech-savvy millennials who prefer mobile apps to traditional boomers who may prefer human interactions. Social media sentiment analysis makes this all possible. We gain critical insight into a consumer’s intention to use – or ditch – a service. We take these insights to develop metrics. These metrics then inform actions that can help us create a seamless experience between digital and traditional channels, building both customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Actionable Insight

Leverage data to stay on top of all customer concerns, regardless of the channel of the interaction.


Omnichannel capabilities can integrate voice, chat, e-mail, mobile apps, IVR and social media to create a seamlessly transparent and fulfilling experience.


Quantifiable impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Social Data Mining

Granular insight from social media analytics, including sentiment analysis.

Use Cases

Social Media Monitoring

Monitoring Social Media for Customer Insights

To create new ways of forging meaningful connections, businesses are looking to digital capabilities to analyze massive volumes of data and gain deeper insights into customers.

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Social Media and Customer Data

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