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IaaS for Small & Medium IaaS for Small & Medium

Benefit from IaaS models

Enhance the competitiveness and operational efficiency of your business.

IaaS for Small & Medium

Infrastructure as a Service

Visibility, transparency and ease of use

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from IaaS models to scale resources and efficiently respond to continually evolving business needs. For smaller enterprises, visibility into options and transparent pricing are essential.

Our robust Cloud platform provides easy access to a wide variety of services. Through a combination of product capabilities, world-class support and strategic partnerships, we help you deploy and manage cloud-based infrastructure initiatives to enhance competitiveness and operational efficiency.



Transparency into pricing with no commitments, pay-as-you-go models. Easily accessible, on-demand solution mix.

White Glove Service

Customer care based on SLAs and country of deployment. Customized solutions and easy to navigate marketplace.

Strategic Partnerships

Alliances ensure a wide range of options and coverage to support a cloud strategy.

24x7 Support

Global multi-lingual support and dedicated service management teams deliver end-to-end, single-point-of-contact support.

Global Reach

Interconnected regional data centers worldwide ensure low latency and address regulatory issues.

Plans and Pricing

Business Cloud Server

Auto-scaling capacity and utility pricing.

Microsoft Azure

Cost-effectively migrate infrastructure, apps and data.


Tackling Complexity

Tackling Complexity

How mid-sized organizations can leverage the cloud to build collaboration.

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