Sr. Product Director and Cybersecurity Expert, Kelly Rein discusses the role of AI-based video scanning in security to help ensure safer communities.

Claro Enterprise Solutions' Cybersecurity Suite is comprised of a curated group of best-in-class security solutions that have been sourced, evaluated, tested, and integrated, which allows your busy team to focus on your business instead of spending countless hours sifting through 1000s of different options and onboarding new vendors.

In the ever-changing connected business landscape, preventing cyberthreats with best-in-class security solutions is vital. ”Set it and forget it” is a risky proposition with cybersecurity which is why we continuously develop new products and services that work to address the most critical needs of your connected business.

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Using CyberSOC Solutions for Better Physical and Digital Security

The introduction of cyberSOC services has made monitoring large multi-geographic locations easier for organizations, especially when budgets are tight. Instead of hiring onsite staff and building a security operation center (SOC), businesses can offload the responsibility and cost to a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP).

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