Don’t get fooled by “low prices” for DIA Don’t get fooled by “low prices” for DIA

Don’t get fooled by “low prices” for DIA

(There’s a catch)

Lower Prices for DIA (No Strings)

If you’re a small business looking for Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) connectivity, price is important. And some of our competitors are promoting packages for less than $200 a month. However, that doesn’t include access and router costs, which can – depending on bandwidth – be $400 to $800 a month. Oh, and their “special deals” only apply if you use the carrier’s infrastructure.

If you want low prices and service with all the major carriers (with no strings attached), we’re here for you.

Lower Prices for Dedicated Internet Access Lower Prices for Dedicated Internet Access

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Guaranteed high-bandwidth and secure connectivity to support critical business applications, e-commerce, bookings and other customer-facing functions.

Ease of Implementation

Rapid deployment and upgrades to respond to changing business needs.


Low-, medium- and high-speed internet connection and customized solution options to support a range of business needs.


DIA connections bundled with SD-WAN can be cost-effective alternative to aging T-1s.


24x7 single point of contact, global multi-lingual customer support and dedicated service management teams.

Terms & Conditions*

- 1st Month Credit for 36 months contract
- Promo Valid until November 30, 2020
- Applicable for new customers only
- Prices do not include VAT or Regulatory Fees
- Early termination fees apply
- Special Constructions Charges may apply
- Installation Charge waived
- Prices include managed router
- Budgetary Pricing and Requires a Feasibility Study